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Studying in the United States - Message from „Bashovski Advising“!

If coming to the United States to study on one of the American universities has been on your mind for some time, but you thought you can’t walk that road alone, THEN READ THIS! You are NOT ALONE, as we can walk with you through each step on this exciting journey!

Is the “road” long? Yes… (about a year or so…)  Is it difficult? Somewhat… (but we can help!)
What is the possibility to get admitted?  High…(Surprised?)  
Can you get a scholarship or financing? Yes…(Potentially)

What you should do? (and how we can help) … Here are the steps:

I.   Application Phase

-    Determining the best-fit College/Program
-    Financing options
-    Fulfilling the requirements (GPA, Entrance exams, other – Department specific)
-    Application packet preparation (Cover letter, Resume, Statement of Purpose, Graduate Assistantship Application, other – Department specific)

All required papers / documents will be your original work. It will be our commitment to give you our best professional advice on how to prepare a competitive application packet and make you top candidate for admission. We will also make sure that in the process, all institutional deadlines are followed.

II.  Admission Phase

-    Advising through the student Visa application process
-    Orientation: What to expect in the US (personal, academic, social life)
-    Housing possibilities (temporary, permanent, on-campus, off-campus)
-    Maintaining your visa & employment regulations

III.  Academic Year

-    Regular follow up on your academic progress and adjustment to the college and social environment, questions, concerns and celebration of results! 

Please note:  Your admission to an American University is an exclusive relationship between you and the school of your choice.  We will strive to offer you the best guidance throughout your educational journey.

Monthly, upon signing a contract. You can exit the contract at any time, should you decide you no longer need our services, and would like to continue on your own.

We are looking forward to hearing back from you.

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