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ECPD International MBA studies Prizren, Pristine

ECPD headquartered in Belgrade is proud to offer the excellent programme of its International MBA School, which is designed to satisfy local needs in creating leaders in a transition economy. The ECPD International MBA programme entails 24 months of part-time study, starting in October 26, 2013. Within first 12 months students will take 6 core modules, including a specifically designed training in personal and management skills. The second year of the programme has 5 advanced modules, business plan team project and applied management project.


The ECPD values quality and is rigorous with the selection criteria for its students. We are looking for students who will bring something extra to the programme, people who will ultimately be ambassadors for the ECPD-MBA and, hence, people upon whom we will be proud to bestow the ECPD UN University for Peace diplomas. A university degree or equivalent classification awarded by an approved academic institution or a final qualification of a professional body acceptable to the University of Peace ECPD. Our MBA is a post-experience qualification designed for participants who have working experience. The ECPD-MBA is not aimed at recent graduates seeking a fast track to a managerial position. Lectures are organised in Prizren / Pristine and shall take place every third weekend.

Admission Requirements: for Master studies - University degree (180 / 240 ECTS), for Doctoral studies - Master degree (300 ECTS).

Closing date: September 30, 2013.

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