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Пријавете се за конференцијата „Everest International Model United Nations“


The fourth iteration of Everest International Model United Nations, Regional Edition 2017 will be held from 10th to 14th of July in Kathmandu, Nepal. Organized by Youth Thinkers’ Society in collaboration with The US Embassy in Nepal, this residential conference will bring together young leaders from South and Central Asia to a common platform in order to discuss imperative global issues and provide innovative solutions.

EIMUN in its continuity has been a platform for students and young professionals from different parts of the world to discuss the prominent issues and events of the world. The delegates participating in the conference come together with the vision of contributing to the resolution of different issues through dialogue, debate and discussions. The delegates from various backgrounds discuss passionately providing individual insights, which enhances compassionate coaction on the world agendas.

Sustainable development being the world vision of the era holds a great importance in different fields of human life. Participants will indulge in intense discussion on various topics that strengthens the sustainable development goals providing framework to implement the agendas to create a meaningful impact in the lives of people.

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