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Оглас за работа во Јапонија


Spend a Working Holiday in one of the most fascinating cities in the world. World Unite! provides opportunities to experience Tokyo for up to one year while earning a living.

Participants need to apply for a Working Holiday visa, which is available to citizens of UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Norway, France, Portugal, Poland, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong if you are 18-30 years old.

For other nationalities and age ranges, it is necessary to obtain a Study Visa by enrolling in full time language lessons, which then allows you to do part-time remunerated work (28 hours per week). Please contact us for details!

Typical jobs for a Working Holiday in Japan are:

- Work in restaurants, cafes and fast food chains
- Service in Hotels
- Nanny, Child care & Au Pair
- Sports Instructor (with relevant skills)
- Sale in shops (if language skills are sufficient)
- Language Teacher
- Photo model for advertising and Performer for television
- Farm work
- Factory work, e.g. at bread factories

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