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date-icon Активен до: 30.04.2017

4 платени пракси во Светската програма за храна (WFP) на Обединетите Нации


The selected candidate will be assisting the WFP Government Partnerships Division with the following key duties:

- Preparing project proposals for Germany and Austria, as donors in close exchange with colleagues from WFP - Regional Bureaus and Country Offices
- Preparing of briefing notes for meetings, short biographies, and background documents for briefings and conferences
- Finalisation and updating of project overviews, contribution tables, and graphs using relevant data
- Informing donor counterparts on developments of WFP operations
- Drafting of emails and thank you letters for contributions
- Taking notes for the record during internal and external meetings and events
- Translating documents from German to English and vice versa
- Preparing clippings regarding government partnerships issues and WFP internal weekly highlights, covering developments relevant to the WFP Berlin Office
- Performing other related duties as required

date-icon Активен до: 30.04.2017
Објавено на 19.04.2017 во категорија Пракса


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