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Повик за апликации: Обука за ублажување на говорот на омраза и радикализам


In recent years, the increase of hate speech throughout Europe has contributed to  electoral  victories  of  nationalist  parties  and  the  radicalisation  of  far-right movements,  fueling  hate  crimes  and  violence  towards  marginalised  groups.

From   forcible   evictions   of   Roma   people   to   stigmatisation   and   attacks   of LGBTQI+ and minority faith communities, the hate narrative gradually weakened the  social  cohesion  between  communities.  Besides,  it  challenged  democracy, equality and the rule of law across the continent.

The  current  political  framing,  shaped  by  hate  speech  and  far-right  proponents, led national governments to make policy choices that often restrain fundamental rights of people  in  Europe. As illiberal  democracies seem to be on the rise,  we are once again moving into a period of strengthening domestic positions through demonising minority  groups, undermining the conditions for  transnational, open and democratic societies to thrive.
To counteract those trends, European Alternatives is looking for activists and citizens from Central and Eastern Europe willing to stand against those trends and to organise for open societies.

date-icon Активен до: 31.01.2018
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