Студирање во Белфаст, Северна Ирска

Студирање во Белфаст, Северна Ирска

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Live and study alongside locals in the vibrant capital city of Belfast. With our flexible course enrollment program at one of Northern Ireland's most prestigious universities, The University of Ulster, you will be able to access the Belfast campus' full-course curriculum. Choose from hundreds of high-quality academic courses to meet your academic requirements back home.

Regardless of academic major, socio-economic status and geographic location, ISEP believes no student should be held back from being able to study abroad. Each ISEP program is built to be academically rigorous, affordable and highly immersive, with a strong focus on connecting students with the local culture and curricula.

Program Highlights
* Study and live in a one person room in Belfast, a trendy urban area, artistic with lovely architecture, plenty of museums, art galleries, cafes and parks

* Average Classes Per Week: 3, Average Class Hours Per Week: 12

* Airport Pickup included, as well as access to campus clubs and sports

* Top Visual and Performing Arts Program - The Belfast School of Art, which is over 160 years old and world renowned, is located on the Belfast campus.

* Top Hospitality and Tourism Program - Ulster is ranked fifth in U.K. universities for food and beverage studies. The Academy Restaurant, which is open to the public and home to students studying culinary arts management and international hospitality management is also based on this campus.